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Road America Race Report


The race week started off with our arrival to Road America on Wednesday.  Upon arrival, we were welcomed with the Indy Cars testing for their upcoming return to this historical track.  Watching the Indy cars make way around the track set the tone for my weekend, as I couldn’t wait to begin turning laps in my Formula Mazda.

After being fastest in all practice sessions on Thursday and Friday, we kept the streak going, putting the #68 GK Motorsports on pole.  However, the two qualifying sessions did not go quite as smooth as we hoped.  In the second session, we hit a large piece of metal laying in the middle of the track blowing my tire and tearing up my front wing prematurely ending my session with only three laps completed.

We were greeted with beautiful weather for Saturday’s race.  The Formula Mazda group was mixed in with the P2 cars with Formula Enterprise cars starting about 30 second behind.  I was able to get a great start and take an early lead exiting the first turn.  After lap four, I had stretched my lead out to almost three seconds when a crash in turn five had the track blocked, bringing out a full course caution and erasing my lead.  After the track cleared, the green flag dropped again starting a five lap sprint to the finish.  Again, I was able to pull a pretty good gap to second place.  At the checked flag I was able to pick up the race win with a ten second gap to the runner up.

Sunday’s race started similar to Saturday’s with another split start and the Formula Mazdas lining up behind the faster P2 cars.  Unfortunately, the start did not go as well as the line of P2 cars in front did not get a good start allowing the outside line to pull ahead of the inside line leaving me shuffled back to third going into the first turn. I was able to move up to second going into turn three and chased down the leader half way through the first lap.  On the second lap, entering the “carousel”, I made a move to the inside on entry and was able to take the lead.  I was able to keep a one to two second lead for the whole race.  Though, all that changed on what was supposed to be the second to last lap of the race. Entering turn two there was debris covering the track from one of the FE cars crashing.  It was necessary for me to slow down to avoid the debris thereby allowing the second place car to catch me and close up to my tail.  I was able to hold him off until the last turn and he got the better run out of the last turn and was able to pass right at the start/finish line losing the race by .08 of a second.

Overall, it was pretty good weekend at the beautiful, memorable, and historical Road America race circuit.

Hallett Race Report



Saturday’s Race Report

Following a day of practice on Friday, Jacob, in the #68 GK Motorsports car, felt confident going into Saturday’s race at the technically difficult 1.8 mile track at the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.  The track set up in the counterclockwise direction, Jacob was able to throw down a 1.14.480 lap to take the pole, over a second-and-a-half faster than the field and the quickest lap of the weekend in the Formula Mazda group.  


The weather in full cooperation, holding off rain until after the checkered flag, saw the #68 GK Motorsports car fast from the start getting out front as soon as the green flag waved. Although Jacob encountered a problem during the race and was forced to continue the race without 2nd gear, he was still able to stay out front, running quick, smooth, and consistent laps, for the 25-minute race duration. The #68 GK Motorsports car was able to lead flag-to-flag and take home a SCCA U.S. Majors Tour win.


Sunday’s Race Report

After a Saturday evening spent working on the transmission, Sunday morning blew in and the #68 GK Motorsports car took the track for Sunday’s qualifying session with a couple of shakedown laps. Sitting on Saturday’s qualifying time and starting the race on pole on Saturday’s tires, with much of the field on stickers including the outside pole, the green flag dropped. Jacob got a good start and again led the field into turn one. Jacob never looked back and was able to lead all 28-laps, green-to-checkered, again running a consistent and dominate race for its 35-minute duration. The #68 GK Motorsports car was able to win its second SCCA U.S. Major at the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit making it a very successful weekend.

NOLA Race Report


The weekend with the #68 GK Motorsports car started off with four practice sessions on Friday.  Even though Jacob was new to the NOLA circuit, it did not stop him from throwing down the fastest lap in each of the four sessions as he was able to pick up the 2.8 mile 15-turn track very quickly.


Saturday’s Race Report

Saturday with new tires on for qualifying, Jacob was able to go out and put down his quickest lap of the weekend.  The time was good enough to put Jacob on pole for Saturday’s 25-minute race. The race was a split start with the Formula Mazda’s starting about thirty seconds behind the faster P1, P2 and FE cars.  Jacob was able to get a great start and headed into turn one with the field chasing.  As the race progressed, Jacob was able to pull out a good gap on the second and third place cars, who had a pretty good fight going.  Jacob extended his lead to over 25 seconds as he ran consistent, quick laps.  He was even able to catch and pass many of the faster cars in the P1, P2, and FE classes.  He was able to lead flag to flag and take home his first SCCA U.S. Majors Tour win.


Sunday’s Race Report

Like Saturday, the crowd, drivers and crews were treated to beautiful weather with clear, sunny skies and temperatures in the high 60’s with a light breeze.  Qualifying on old tires, Jacob was able to put down a fast lap putting him on pole for Sunday’s race. Sunday’s race began with the same format as Saturday’s with the Formula Mazdas lining up in a split start.  When the green flag dropped, it was Loomis who again got a good start as he led the field into turn one.  And like Saturday, Jacob was able to run a consistent and dominate race, stretching his lead out to over 25 seconds and once more taking the checkered flag.


Overall, it was a perfect weekend for the young 15 year old.  Especially considering it was his first ever SCCA Majors Tour race.  Jacob was able to capture two poles, two fastest laps and two wins for the two SCCA Major Tour races.

Jacob Loomis Breaks Track Record at MSR Cresson
1/17/16   Sunday started off similar to Saturday’s race as Jacob put his GK Motorsports Formula Mazda on pole.  The difference on Sunday was a new set of Goodyear tires.  The new tires proved to be the key to  Jacob’s pole time of 1:11.624.  A NEW TRACK RECORD!  The time allowed Jacob to lead the 18-car field around the track to take the green flag.  Like Saturday’s race though, Jacob lost the lead on the start.  It didn't slow him down, as he was able to track down the leader very quickly.  After a heated three lap battle Jacob tried the same move he tried on Saturday.  This time the tires allowed him to make a great clean pass and take the lead.  Jacob stretched the lead out to win Sunday's race by almost 20 seconds.
Overall it was a great weekend with two poles, one win and new track record.
SCCA Southwest Winter Festival Saturday Race Report

1/16/16   The weekend started off great with a pole position for Saturday's SCCA Southwest Winter Festival race at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson, Texas.  Jacob went out for qualifying on old tires and it proved to be a big disadvantage as most of the field opted for new sticker tires, but Jacob was able to put his GK Motorsports Formula Mazda on pole posting a time of 1:12.787.  The worn out tires and cold oil-covered track would pose a challenge on the first part of the race as Jacob found himself falling back to the leader by over ten seconds early in the race.  However, Jacob fought his way through traffic to erase the lead and caught the leader with only a few laps to go.  Looking for the win, Jacob tried to out-brake the leader going in the tight rattlesnake section of the track.  Unfortunately, the old tires wouldn't allow the move and he ended up off the track.  Jacob was able to get the car back on the track and finish a strong second place.

SCCA The Abominable Race 2 at MSR Houston

12/5/15  Sunday’s race started off with a little bit of uncertainty as the track direction changed from Clockwise to Counter Clockwise.  With only one 20-minute session to learn the new track, Jacob went out and laid down a great lap in qualifying.  The lap would put him on the outside pole for the start of the race.  However, when the green flag dropped for the final race it was Jacob who was able to come out of the first turn in the lead.  Jacob had a good fight for the lead for a couple of laps until he was able to pull ahead and finish with a 30-second lead over the twelve car field.


Jacob’s first SCCA race weekend was a complete success having locked up a pole, two wins and a track record.

SCCA The Abominable Race 1 at MSR Houston

12/4/15 Excited for his first official SCCA race, Jacob got the weekend off to a great start by not only putting his #68 GK Motorsports Formula Mazda on pole for Saturday’s race, but while doing so he laid down the fastest lap ever in a Formula Mazda at the Motorsports Ranch Houston track.  Jacob not only broke the current record, but also clocking the second fastest lap of any car to race at MSR. Jacob led the twelve-car field to the green flag in his first ever SCCA formula car race. Getting a great start, Jacob was able to run quick and consistent laps throughout the entire race. By the time the checkered flag flew, Jacob had stretched his lead out to over 30 seconds, taking home his first win in his GK Motorsports Formula Mazda.

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